Zone Leader Support

Don't worry grown-ups, we'll give your children all the help they need!


Our Zone Leaders are at the heart of our clubs, and come with tonnes of enthusiasm and tech know-how.

If you've attended one of our in-person clubs, then they will be familair faces! For those of you that are new though, allow them to introduce themselves:



Paul: The Code Zone's Co-Founder and Technical Lead, I bring years of experience developing cool software and a passion for educating future generations.




Ashley: The Code Zone's Co-Founder and Operations Lead, I am also a self-taught programmer with a passion for game development and automating everything possible!




Tom: As Lead Content Creator, I make all of our games and challenges. For me, a passion for playing games led to a passion for designing them!





They'll be on hand to moderate live events and chat functions, in addition to providing one-on-one support when needed.


All Zone Leaders have passed enhanced DBS checks, and understand fully the importance of their role in creating a safe online space for young people!


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