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User and leader led online Scratch Coding for kids aged 6 upwards

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The Code Zone!

Exciting in-person and online clubs that introduce your children to the diverse, fun world of coding. 

Get Coding Online

The Code Zone Online is a fun, new challenge -based interactive platform; bringing the best of our in-person coding clubs to the virtual world.

We’ve got weekly workshops, live clubs, challenges, mini-series tutorials and Zone Leader support to create the best experience for you. Find out how you can be part of our online community.

Real Life Drones & Robots

Our in-person clubs in Cambridge and Essex mix the latest equipment such as programmable drones and robots with age appropriate software and our own weekly hands-on creative challenges and games.

And new this term, you can also access your challenges on The Code Zone Online platform when you want.

Better Coding Experiences

Engagement and two-way interaction is at our core. At The Code Zone, we’re all about creating the best experiences for young people. No dull Zoom coding sessions for us!

Live, online and physical club coding sessions last for an hour. A fully trained Zone Leader is there to assist you with the weekly code challenge, you can also make new friends and share challenges with them. 

The Code Zone Online

Join our virtual coding club community

  • Scratch, but more user friendly – weekly clubs, mini tutorials, challenges and live Zone Leader support help you make the most out of the platform.

  • Learn to code at a time that works for you – after school, weekends, during holidays; simply pick a club time that suits your schedule, and complete our workshops and challenges whenever you like.

  • Choose a learning style and level that works for you – we all learn differently. You can delve deep into the fundamentals of coding or just focus on games.

  • Access live events & Build Battles – take part in our live afterschool coding clubs, all in a fun, safe learning environment. Show off the new skills you've been developing in our monthly Build Battle

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The Code Zone Clubs

Get coding through hands-on experiences

  • A relaxed fun approach – when children are having fun, they don’t realise they’re learning how to code too! And that's the beauty of attending our clubs. 
  • Self guided learning - our scalable weekly club challenges are adaptable so you can learn how to use our latest equipment and code at your own pace.
  • Develop your skills – from coding, critical thinking or communications to physical dexerity. You'll improve your skills while having fun.
  • Be part of our community – our in-person clubs have a lively, fun vibe.  Children make friends and become an integral part of our club community.

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