Start a Code Zone at your school, completely free!

* It's time to upgrade coding education

How The Code Zone can work at your school
(did we mention it's free...for your school, for the children, forever)

Start an after school/lunch time coding "hack" club

The Code Zone solves the "but what do we do?" problem of many coding clubs.  Our projects are perfect to give children a nudge to explore something different each week!  Never run out of content or ideas!

Use our guided projects in your class 

We recommend an hours coding session every week to enhance computer confidence, coding knowledge, problem solving and encourage creativity!

Run an at home/virtual club

The pandemic is still kicking around and not all people are confident to return to clubs - our platform can be accessed from school or from home, they just need a browser!

We'll provide you... 

Well, we're a friendly bunch - we'll work with you and help you get set up.  You can also join us on webinars, or even just chat to us online - we're here to help you make a success of getting children coding!


You will have a registration page for your school where parents can sign their children up to your school - and they'll have access to our platform 24/7.


Every week we'll make one of our Scratch based projects available to your school - these are normally based on a simple concept which we give the code for, along with videos to explain what's going on and videos to help children find blocks.  We then provide "hacks" that encourage the children to get creative, see what happens when things are changed, or just fundamentally break it - it's all learning!

What if the children want more?

We've got loooads more - if children are really enjoying it they can set up a membership with us and get access to tonnes of other projects, come along to our hack clubs or even get 1-2-1 mentoring.  But that's entirely up to the children/parents of course - and let's be honest here, ultimately that's how we fund this programme for the schools...but there's no hard sale, just options to explore more.

What next?

Drop your details here, and we'll make contact to have a chat, answer any questions you may have and to help you get set up.

Absolutely fantastic for the inventors of the future. I can't recommend it enough. 

My boy starts asking when it's time for another code club within a day of the last!!

My son can't get enough of this coding, and although it's not a physical activity it's great for getting their brains working outside the box. Top marks guys, well done

The way the kids work at their own pace, even in the group sessions

Matt is enjoying it very much, and it's great to have some direction and inspiration otherwise he just makes similar items, or plays with the graphics over and over.  The challenges definitely make him think outside his box.


Good question! We typically recommend our guided projects to children between the ages of 6-16. All of our 120+ projects come with step-by-step tutorials and our code leaders are on hand every day from 9 am-6 pm to offer a helping hand.
Just motivated childred ready to kick start their coding journey! Well, that and a modern computer with a stable internet connection.

We recommend Chrome as the most suitable web browser for our platform.
Nothing at all! For your school, this is completely free with one new workshop every week!
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