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The Code Zone's unique interactive clubs, weekly challenges, tutorials and creative workshops will unlock the skills your child needs for their future, perfect for beginners, engaging for already proficient coders!

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No credit card required | Recommended ages 6-14

"Being able to write commands, telling your computer what to do, is one thing... but the skills you learn from being able to code will stay with you for life."

Read about why all children should learn to code - even just a little bit.

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Absolutely fantastic club for the inventors of the future. I can't recommend it enough. The sessions are tailored to support individual interests and capabilities. My boy starts asking when it's time for another code club within a day of the last!!


Tom is an awesome leader, so calm and level headed with the kids, and so popular. My son can't get enough of this coding, and although it's not a physical activity it's great for getting their brains working outside the box. Top marks guys, well done 👍🏻


Matt is enjoying it very much, and it's great to have some direction and inspiration otherwise he just makes similar items, or plays with the graphics over and over.  The challenges definitely make him think outside his box.



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