About The Code Zone

Come and ignite a passion for coding!

Set up by parents and self-professed IT geeks, Paul and Ashley in 2019, The Code Zone runs exciting online and in-person clubs introducing young people to the diverse, fun world of coding.


Our clubs bridge the gap between coding taught in schools and the more exciting reality of coding in the real world.

The Code Zone Team

Paul - CTZO

The Code Zone's Co-Founder and technical lead, bringing years of experience in developing cool software and a passion for educating future generations!

Ashley - COZO

The Code Zone's Co-Founder and operations lead, a self-taught programmer with a passion for game development and automating anything possible!

Chris A - CBZO

With 17 years of executive board experience, Chris brings a wealth of experience in business management and finance to The Code Zone!

Chris - CMZL

The Code Zone's head of marketing, getting word of The Code Zone out! Chris has years of experience and presence in the marketing world.

Tom - CCZL

As Lead Content Creator, Tom is at the heart of making all our games and challenges. A passion for playing games led to a passion for designing them!

Megan - Zone Leader

Newly graduated, Megan handles our social media presence. Eager to learn, she brings bounds of curiosity to The Code Zone Team!

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